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Besides therapy I also provide Coaching and offer workshops:  

These are educational and skills-based in nature.  ​Coaching can be individual or for a group.  Coaching is generally offered in packets of  an Intake plus 4 sessions (other configurations are possible.)  Clients often find coaching as an affordable alternative to psychotherapy.

  • Topics include:
  • Connect-Talk skills​®
  • Good listening skills
  • How to have a de-stressing conversation
  • How to show empathy
  • Ways to rebuild intimacy
  • What your mixed up adult child really needs
  • How to share your faith in a positive & effective manner
  • How to dialogue with persons you disagree with
  • What to look for in a marriage partner



Dr. Chiara 

Dr. Chiara:  author & skilled clinician.........25+ years of providing psychological services for a great relationship!

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Building Good Memories Together

Become allies in Re-Parenting each other.

Learn how to create daily connecting time.

What is different about Schema Therapy for Couples?

Look for Dr.Simeone- DiFrancesco's book with co-authors Dr. Eckhard Roediger & Dr. Bruce Stevens. (Wiley Press, Schema Therapy with Couples, A Practitioner's Guide to Healing Relationships)


  • Schema Therapy for Couples &  Individuals
  • ST-M: Schema Therapy for Marriage
  • Affordable 4 Session Coaching Packets
  • Therapist Training and Consultation  in ST-C
  • Jesus-Centered Schema Therapy​®  (click for more info.)
  • 5- session Discernment-type Counseling for mixed agenda couples
  • Connect-Talk®
  • Parenting to fill Needs
  • Work to heal after an affair
  • Healthy Forgiveness
  • Only one partner in couples therapy?  
  • Consultation on tough cases
  • Navigating the Mode Clash Cycle
  • Handling anger in Healthy Adult Mode​​

Specializing In:

International Speaker& 

Trainer:  Love & Marriage


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Together we remove blame from the therapy room.

Ignite the Fire....fall in love again!

International Advanced Certification in Schema Therapy & Certified Supervisor/Trainer; Founder of the multinational ISST Special Interest Groups: Couples Therapy & Multi-Cultural/Religious Dialog

Consultation for Therapists


is more important

than your Relationships!


Schema Therapy for Couples

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