Who else is involved?

CEO:  Romuald B. Simeone  

Romy is a genetic historian and former foreign mission catechist, poet & writer.  He has just published: a 3 volume set: Bible, ​Love Letters From Your Father, Books of John: v. 1, Gospel of John; v. 2,  Letters of John;  & v. 3, Revelations.   Lectio Divina.  Dialog International Press. 

Office Manager:  Samuel Wood

Sam is an evangelist and teacher working at St. Mary's High School, Menasha, Wisconsin.

Advisors/Consultants Include:

Robert Zemple, Baker Tilly, Appleton, WI

​Rev. John Girotti, Green Bay, WI 

Rev. Peter Cameron, Syracuse, NY

Rev. Thomas Farrell, Shawano, WI

Colleagues in the Counseling Department of Focus on the Family, Colorado Springs, CO

Colleagues in the International Society of Schema Therapy

Colleagues in the Catholic Psychotherapy Association

Colleagues in the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology

Our History & Beliefs:

Connect-Talk®, LLC is a premier specialized marriage institute, based on Schema Therapy.  

Our special passion is to bring healing to marriages and through this, to families.  We opened  this new initiative that stresses  "we can all talk, but can you connect"on January 3, 2019.  

"I, Dr. Chiara Simeone-DiFrancesco am the Clinical Director and Licensed Psychologist.   I serve clients of all backgrounds, faith and little or no faith, as well as those of secular cultural persuasion, respecting true diversity.  I provide psychotherapy, education, coaching and consulting.  In addition I write and train other therapists and para-professionals. "

Dr. Simeone-DiFrancesco first joined Romuald Simeone's workshop team to experientially learn " his decade-development of Dialog Skills in 1974, one that has pervaded all her training and subsequent therapy focus.  She specializes in applying these Connect-Talk® dialog skills that are grounded in  schema therapy conceptualization,  principles and techniques--to marriage.  Her 30 plus years of specialization in helping marriages and couples grow, thrive, overcome obstacles, and become a delight, is the subject of the first text-book authored on Couples Schema Therapy.  She is the first author of:  Schema Therapy with Couples, A Practitioner's Guide to Healing Relationships, published by Wiley Press in 2015, 

Connect-Talk®, LLC has a division that is created to meet the special needs of Christians and Christian marriages, or those interested seekers, it is the Jesus-Centered Schema Therapy Institute.

We believe true healing comes through the grace of the Holy Spirit, even in lives who do not yet know Him.  At the Jesus-Centered Schema Therapy Institute  Dr. Chiara tries to base  client interventions and relationships on the Biblical models of Jesus and His disciples as the supreme example of being a Healthy Adult.  We  believe that God is the author and giver of life and joy!

Dr. Chiara:  "I  received my inspiration from my own walk with Jesus, encountering Him when in prayer when I was a junior in High School, and believing in no uncertain terms that He really exists and is my own Way, Truth and Life. 

All in all, I focus on bringing hope to  discouraged persons and disheartened marriages.  I try to connect in meaningful and personal ways that help people open up to  see what  'might be' with their work and participation, open to truth, meaning in life, and most of all the love and acceptance of Jesus which I hope to evidence.  Jesus…the Only One who says things straight!  I attempt to facilitate renewing hearts and minds, reconciling relationships, and binding up wounds.  

At Connect-Talk®, LLC, my clients and I practice in simple ways to learn to do just that, connect with their beloved, and then Connect-Talk® becomes Connect-Walk, which is all about making permanent daily little efforts at progress and love-building relationship.

Schema Therapy, and especially Jesus-Centered Schema Therapy for those so inclined, brings it all together in understandable and simple concepts and experiences that may just make the difference you are looking for!


920-233-2347                     Dr. Chiara Simeone-DiFrancesco