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..“Schema Therapy with Couples is a very helpful addition to the clinical couples' therapy literature, integrating the individual challenges people face in their own growth with managing a relationship with someone else who also faces their own individual challenges. Drs. DiFrancesco, Roediger, and Stevens provide a guide through this very difficult but everyday terrain that every couples therapist must navigate.”

John Gottman, Ph.D., Author of The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work   

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​....healing a world torn marriage and one family at a time!

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"The threat to the marriage is more in the avoidance of conflict than in the affair."   p.177

"It's an obvious but important point that couples who stay in a relationship and are happy tend to like each other!". p. 239.

"Table 8:  Building friendship or turning into enemies.  (Adapted from Simeone-DiFrancesco and Simeone)  p. 240

"ST-C not only trains people to shift into Healthy Adult mode, but encourages the couple to use their Healthy Adult capacity to "loan" it to the partner".  p. 241.

"In Chapter 5 we look at the foundations of evidence-based couple therapy in Gottman's research and emotion-focused therapy for couples, and see some of their contributions to theory and intervention."  p. 56.

 Schema Therapy for Couples:

  • Represents the first practitioner guide to detail effective Schema Therapy techniques in couple and relationship therapy.
  • Shows how the distinctive features of ST make it ideal for addressing the cognitive and emotion-focused problems typical in couple relationships.
  • Presents and integrates a series of innovative tools and interventions such as Schema Therapy with Needs versus Wants, Mode Cycle Clash Cards, limited re-parenting visualization, and chair work.
  • Authored by an international team of experts in couples therapy and Schema Therapy.


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