Therapy offered for the Oshkosh, Appleton, Fond du Lac, Green Bay, Madison, Manitowoc, Wautoma,  &  all Fox Cities areas of Wisconsin.

Teletherapy  (via internet video app) for clients who meet the criteria and who cannot travel to the Wisconsin office on a regular basis.

Also offered for clients in Virginia via teletherapy if appropriate, or for client Intensives.

Adult / Families / Business
Psychotherapy/Counseling Individual & Couples
Marital Therapy & Marriage Intensives 
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Schema Therapy for Couples & Individuals (read more)

Jesus-Centered Schema Therapy (click to read more)

Discernment-type short-term counseling for mixed agenda couples ​(click to read more)
Family Therapy & Reconciliation
Restoration of Relationships
Medical/Analytical  Hypnotherapy:  see Hypnosis  Facts Video
Blending Families & Step-parenting
When You “Don’t Talk Much”
Medication Management  Referrals
Learning from Divorce
Family Management of Adolescents
Parent Empowerment
How to Find & Choose a Partner
Learn How to be the Best Parent
Learn Connect-Talk® to Prevent or Solve  Relationship            Problems Before or After Marriage (click to read more)
Attachment / Adoption / Foster Parent Issues
Spiritual Growth & Meaning
Breaking Unhealthy Patterns
Understanding Why You Drink of How to Deal with a Drinking Partner
Using Vs. Misusing Anger
Parenting Defiant Children
Personal Coaching & Goal Achievement
Cognitive Therapy

Understanding Why, & What You Can Do About It
Marriage & Relationship Problems
High conflict Marriages & Affairs
Personality Rough Edges
Addictions:  Shopping, Porn, Smoking & Sexual
Staying Motivated & Excelling at Work
Anxiety, Stress & Sleep Problems
Lack of Meaning in Life
Low Self-Esteem & Confidence
Loneliness & Social Shyness
Compulsive Overeating
Physical/Sexual/Emotional Abuse
Sexual Problems: Including Women’s
   Avoidance of Sex & Feeling Used
Reducing Pain

Services Offered:  

Psychotherapy & Coaching Treating:

920-233-2347                     Dr. Chiara Simeone-DiFrancesco